The foundation of our work

We promote the benefits of identifying, evaluating, managing and minimising environmental/sustainability, quality, health and safety hazards and risks.


As members of a range of professional bodies and institutes, our activities are undertaken in line with their codes of conduct and Open Dorr's company ethics.


In order that we comply with these codes of conduct, our approach to operating the business is based on the following principles:


  • Customer focus
    Listening to what the client wants and working in partnership to deliver a personalised service to achieve the agreed goals to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • Competence
    Maintain and develop skills through continual professional development (CPD) activities including structured training, networking and membership of professional institutes.
  • Objectivity
    Adopting an evidence based approach taking into consideration all opportunities and risks related to its management systems. 
  • Professionalism                                                                                  Based on trust, integrity and diligence. 
  • Sustainability                                                                                         To promote a proactive approach to continually enhance the effectiveness of the client's management systems with due regard and consideration of People, Planet and Profit.